With A Click

A few years back a movie had come, named “Click”. It was a Adam Sandler starrer, so needless to say it was funny as hell. But what’s most important is the issue it brought forward.


Humans lead such a fast paced life, that we all have across this thought at one time or the other. The fact that if we could have a remote to control our lives and everything associated with it.
In the film “Click”, Adam Sandler works at a very demanding job, where the success is rapid but the compromise or the toll that it takes on his family is  also very real. One fine day he walks into a Bed Bath and Beyond and miraculously he is given a remote which would help him control and monitor his life. Adam Sandler like most of us petty humans takes the remote and uses it upto its full potential. In spite of the warnings of the wise old person who gave it to him, Adam Sandler cannot resist his urges and uses the remote in every aspect of his life, including while making love to his wife.

These things ultimately lead to the fact that Sandler that rushed through most of life and its experiences and at the end of the day, it appears as if the Remote is controlling him and not the other way round.For anyone watching the film, the fear was real and I think we all secretly promised that we wouldn’t use a remote to control our life or if we did we would heed to the warnings.
In any case, all turned out good at the end of the film when we see that it was probably all a big fantasy of Sandler.

Several attempts have been made or is still being made to control or re-create the human intelligence.

But Allocacoc has got something for you, which is closer to the Remote and only lets you control a part pf your life, like the gadgets that run your life.

Allocacoc’s PowerCube Remote are meant to make your life more efficient and less complicated and should take no more than a glance to figure out how to use. The PowerCube |Remote| lives up to this standard with its single On/Off button to power your devices on and off. The PowerCube Remote runs Battery-free and can attach to any smooth surface without leaving any residue when removed. Simply wipe the sticky pad with a wet napkin and let it regain its stickiness to move elsewhere.

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