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What our users have to say

Allocacoc has always striven to provide a different and better standard of living to people around the globe.

In India, since its launch, Allocacoc products have had really great response from among all its users. With a varied series of unique products, we are in the process of launching more exciting products in India.
Below are the customer/user reviews of how they found the products to be on using.



PowerCube Original turned out extremely useful for me. I had bought it from a store in Indore, and the sales person had told me that the price justified the usability and protection provided by this multi-plug. Usually multi-plugs have a longevity of 6 months to 1 year max, but I have been using PowerCube original for over a year now and I have to say the simple and hassle free plugging of this device is really a unique feature.’

Praveen Joshi, Indore



I had come across the Heng Balance Lamp while surfing for a simple bedside lamp online. It goes without saying that for anyone who have seen this product, the design is the most striking feature of this. However the usability of this product goes beyond just its design aspect. I think the best part of it is the fact that it is USB adaptable, which means it can used anywhere with a nearby USB port, be it a Laptop or anything else. This has taken my reading to a whole new and better experience leve’. It creates a beautiful ambiance and most importantly it doesn’t have to be restricted to one particular place.’

Pallavi Sinha, Pune


When I used AudioCube for the first time, what I loved about it was the incredible bass it produced and the fact that it made the entire space reverberate with Music. This was my first portable speaker and I was personally very choosy when I was deciding which one to buy, but Allocacoc’s AudioCube steals the show and I would suggest everyone trying to buy their money’s worth, that AudioCube is the safest bet.’

Ansur Ali, Lucknow 



‘My daughter had been insistently consistent about me changing my wallet because it was for the Nth time that I lost my wallet. So I was looking for something which would ensure safety and also easy accessibility of my cards and money. So basically it was my daughter who ordered DAX from an online site and I have to admit, it is easier to carry and access, I would recommend it to anyone who is specifically looking for something slim and easy as a wallet.’

Jitendra Singh, Hyderabad


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