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What makes a special evening !

‘Not one day in anyone’s life is an uneventful day’

Although the quote is inspiring and empowering, however the day seemed very dull and started on the same note like each day. I was at work and in came the summons of ‘Hitler’, my Boss doesn’t spare a minute to impart his mood on me if he is upset or angry!

As expected, he gave me an impossible deadline to meet, which was not possible for me to either meet or to refuse!

He was in an extremely bad mood and did not wait to hear any excuse or limitations! I took a deep sigh, returned to my desk and dived into the pool of work. It appeared near about impossible to meet the deadline but what could I do, did not dare stare into his dead eyes and get screamed at.


By late evening, I was somehow able to finish my work and met my deadline. I was determined to make the most of the time left. I went out to dinner with my Friend and she selected the most amazing cafe! 

The cafe was a week old and designed in a very modern and unique way! We sat at our table and ordered some drinks. The light at the table was the most soothing and I noticed that it was coming from a Lamp placed beside. Once I looked at it, I couldn’t stop looking, the incredible engineering and designing got me hooked.


It had two balls, much like orbits which acts as the switch to turn on the light and the light travels through the wooden curves of the lamp.

I couldn’t be in a sulky mood anymore and constantly played with it, my friend was about to ask me to stop when we noticed that all the tables at the Cafe have the same type of lamps and everyone was more or less playing with it or touching it. I figured this was designed in order to reduce stress and it actually helped the people have a nice time!


This unique Lamp became the Special friend of mine for the evening.

I asked about the Lamp obviously and found, its Allocacoc’s Heng Balance Lamp. I immediately ordered one online on Amazon and gifted it to myself!  My life has definitely become better and has given me much more peace to face any kind of deadline! Get your Heng Balance Lamp today!

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