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What Makes a Wedding

Weddings are always a huge deal anywhere in the world. 

And time was approaching for one of the most eagerly anticipated wedding’s in our family. It was my cousin’s wedding in London and I had to apply for a one month leave. My boss was initially dead against it but after repeated assurances of how I will continue to work even at the wedding, he finally granted my leave.





Back home packing was going on full fledged, all the outfits for the week was ready along with accessories and gifts for everyone.
On arriving at London, the weather was freezing, it was December and I was glad for all the layers that was on me. From airport we straight went to the house where the rest of the family and extended family was waiting for us. It was so nice to meet everyone at the same place for such a happy occasion. I went up to my room to freshen up for the evening and took out my straightener to fix my hair.





To my utter dismay I found the ports very different and I had no idea that I should have been prepared for it. But thank God my aunt was, she came to my room and handed me the PowerCube Rewirable. The PowerCube |ReWirable| comes with a worldwide standard receptacle (fused for max 6-10A) and multiple Power outletsIts compact design makes traveling with technology a breeze. It is functional both at home and abroad.




Thank God for Allocacoc’s PowerCube ReWirable, now I never sit down in dismay at foreign ports and plugs.




Mostly travelling abroad for an Indian family, is a huge lot of preparation, both mental and by means of luggage. PowerCube rewirable saves the hassle for added anxiety by providing you with an European adapter, American adapter, Chinese/Australian adapter and United Kingdom adapter . The additional plugs included covers frequently traveled destinations.




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