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Wake up and taste the fresh air!

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

Morning is supposed to bring a fresh start to your day. Doesn’t matter how the night went, Morning always bring a fresh promise and hope.

This morning was no different for me as well. I woke up to my alarm clock and with much difficulty got out of my cozy blanket. The weather outside was perfect for a morning run so I decided to go. I put on my jogging suit and shoes and took out my EarBeans and left home.

It was a very refreshing run, and while I was coming back home, I noticed this new Cafe which had opened in my area. The decor was unique and it had been sometime since I tried a new Cafe all by myself.

I went and sat myself at a corner table and ordered a unique cup of their Tea. Apart from the tasteful decor and environment, I saw something which is not very common in Cafes. My table was small and beside it was kept an unique extended  power device. It had 3 charging ports and one could easily charge one or more of their device while enjoying a quick Tea or Coffee. I was so impressed that I went on to google the product.

It was PowerStrip by Allocacoc and like I had it seen, it was extremely light weight and attractive. I happily sipped on my Tea and charged my phone gleefully knowing I wouldn’t have to charge my phone at the office today!

By the time I finished my Tea, my phone was 100% charged and I was a satisfied customer stepping out of the Cafe. That very evening I ordered the PowerStrip from Amazon and now even at home I have the facility to charge and power all my devices at the same time. Its easy portability allows me to carry it to the office as well.

Thanks to Allocacoc life has become much more hassle free at least when it comes to dealing with multiple devices.

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