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‘USB-C’ the new standard

The Universal Serial Bus USB 2.0 was launched 17 years to help and un-complicate the life of users like us who are not tech savvy enough to percolate through the user facilities. 

The USB interface was developed as a result of the need for a communications interface that was convenient to use and one that would support the higher data rates being required within the computer and peripherals industries.

Since then each generation of USB has seen a dramatic change in regards to data speed, charging devices with higher capacity rates and more such! However, the biggest approach was to make things Universal. From charging your device to sharing or transferring data, USB connectors overall accommodate your needs to get by in the digital era. Now, this trend is being set by the release of USB-C which seems to take over.

The USB-C comes with added and better efficiency which includes smaller size than the previous versions of USB, it is reversible which allows it to be inserted in any fashion. It is also faster, more powerful and flexible than the older USB’s.


Apple has already adapted this new standard with the release of its new MacBook Pro. It comes with two USB-C ports on each side and that’s about it! Apple being a trend-setter has made its mark that USB-C is here to stay. If you have a mix of different devices such as an iPad, a Samsung phone and a GoPro, wouldn’t it be easier if you could use one cable to charge all, even if considering its still not all USB-C compatible. With USB-C you can have easy access to this facility.

This is why Allocacoc’s latest Power USB-Cable includes the latest industry standard. So you don’t have to bring each and every charging cable with you every time you need to charge your iPhone, Samsung phone or a GoPro.

So, what can we do with USB-C cables and what is so different about it? It comes with a cable plug that is reversible. When plugging it to your devices, it doesn’t matter if its facing upwards or downwards. All you have to think about is plugging it in. The other worth mentioning point is that you can also power devices up to 100 watts. Transfer data up to 10 Gbps and watch 4k resolution screens, when used as a display cable.

In short, USB-C is here to simplify connectivity between devices and ultimately make our lives easier. As more and more devices are adapting this standard, we have no choice but to adapt to this change. If you want to take this a step forward and have a cable that stands as one for all then why not take a look at our USB cable with three main plugs; Micro-USB, USB-C and apple lightening. This way you can charge all your devices with one cable. No need to carry extra cables for charging each device.



Get your USB-C today in order to simplify your life one more step towards the 21st Century smart but simple living.

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