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In every work-space, requires two very important things.

One is a Coffee Machine, and the other is hospitable environment. Anything that requires team work cannot function, if only one or two member of the team is performing.

This is an age of sensitization, be it Corporate or Government. All over the world we see people fighting for equal rights, equal pay and the reason is obviously fair if not more.

Globally a lot more is happening in order to create sensitization for each gender in every sector of industry. The #MeToo campaign recently showed us how if we come forward and voice our harassment or exploits, it turns out that we are not alone, be it any sector or industry.

Coming back to team work, the one that we hear almost everyday, in every up and coming office. The culture of work-space, specially the new ones have changed quite significantly. People who are investing in start-ups have a whole different outlook than their predecessor about how a company should be marketed and what are the key targets areas we need to hit.

Most people prefer working in start-ups for they offer better creative space and usually have a whole lot more than a Corporate 9-5 has to offer.In this regard we can talk about Allocacoc’s PowerCube and its family. This unique product was designed keeping in mind the requirement of regular users of multiple ports. Most products that advertised or posed as multiple power ports, often failed to provide more one or two ports at max. This problem was noted when designing the PowerCube family and hence PowerCube comes with a set of unique features such as Socket multiplier, No messy cords, No blockage, Duo-charging, Docking system, Building blocks and much more.

Every home and office should power themselves with PowerCube, in order to enable a smart and healthy environment.

 Kapalin Marketing Pvt Ltd. is the prestigious Branding, Marketing and Distribution partner of Allocacoc in India. Our comprehensive services help you realize the value from improved customer relationship & distribution network. Kapalin’s corporate structure fortifies that the knowledge and the winning strategies are shared and communicated among all the trade units, timely and systematically according to the requirements of the fields we operate in. Spotting that clients’ requirements are changing on a constant basis, we are committed to make continuous advancement in all our processes in accordance with these changing requirements. 

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