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The Power of the PowerCube

Weekends are meant for one to unwind and relax 

My way of relaxing is to rest a lot, cook for myself and sleep as much I want for as long as I want. I woke up and made myself a nice and hefty breakfast that I took back to bed with me. Thanks to Allocacoc’s products I dint have to disrupt my plan for relaxing and not taking any slight essence of stress! 

Have you used any of Allocacoc’s product? If no, then you must google it now! Allocacoc brings a different standard to life and living it has never been better. The design and utility of each product is different than its regular counterparts and makes for an attractive home and smart living.

PowerCube is one such product of Allocacoc. Makes for a hassle-free living with no wires and entanglement. Having 4 sockets and 2 USB-C cable, PowerCube can power or charge 4 devices at the same time. Be it for your T.V, Music System, Desktop, Laptop or Phone. The PowerCube remote further simplifies it, and lets you access all the device with just one button.


Another attractive product is the Heng Balance Lamp, the unique features of this lamp is visible in its design itself. Without any power switch, the Heng Balance lamp is turned on simply by letting the orbits meet each other. The light flows in through the wooden curves and makes for a very soothing environment and is easily portable too!



PowerBank is one of the most useful products designed by Allocacoc. Slimmest design in the world, the PowerBank comes with three distinct level of light for battery charge. It is easily potable and fits in anywhere.

The list goes on, and there are many more unique products that one can use, because Allocacoc stands for a different standard and it will definitely uplift the quality of your life. 

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