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Techniche and Allocacoc’s Design Nest: Start of a Tech Revolution in India?

Techniche 2018, the 19th edition of the Techno Management fest of IIT Guwahati was concluded yesterday. The great technical event, with a footfall of around 60 thousand people, saw something new this year. For the first time in Indian History, Allocacoc participated in a techno management event organised by the students. This can be marked as an initiating point for a greater symbiosis.

TECHNICHE:  The Breeding ground for Innovation

The techno management fests of the IIT’s encourages innovation and is one of the most prestigious event’s of the subcontinent. Techniche, the IIT Guwahati’s version of the fest, has been witnessing a new zenith of techno-management events ranging from raging robotics, corporate module, inspiring lecture series, awe striking workshops and also jubilant nights. It served as a distinguished platform for entrepreneurs, innovators and technocrats to showcase their abilities, as every edition sought to take a leap forward in redefining and revolutionizing the technology. It played host to Nobel laureates, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs like Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, Dr. Claude Nicollier, Anousheh Ansari and other prominent personalities.


DesignNest: The Opportunity for Innovators


DesignNest is a one-of-a-kind next generation crowd funding platform with much more benefits for the Designers than other crowd funding services. DesignNest provides the industrial designers with:






A crowd funding platform that helps the Engineers to get funded by worldwide consumers and distributor placing pre-orders.





Design knowledge


DesignNest shares their knowledge in mass production: design for assembly (DFA) and production efficiency that minimize costs.




It ensures the best price-quality ratio through the large base of trustworthy sources in the overwhelming world of suppliers.



Production & Assembly

Design Nest offers the option to use their in-house production and assembly facility. They always provide the most competitive prices and highest quality, but it is not obligatory to use Design Nest’s facilities.



Distribution & Worldwide Sales

The product gets launched to big retailers worldwide through Design Nest’s existing and well-established distribution and sales network.

The Engineers earn from each and every product sold. The name of the designer is also embossed on each and every product.



Techniche and DesignNest:



So, when these two hybridizes, it creates a huge array of opportunities for all the innovators participating in the techno management fest. This year’s participation commences a long and prolific journey. The students participating in the fest were awestruck to see the design of the present Allocacoc’s Products, specifically the Power Cube.

A participant for NIT, Kurukshetra said, “I came here to participate in Automation Robotics, the event went well. But, knowing this ( about DesignNest) was a great bonus. Me, and my teammates have conceived an idea about a special Robotic Sweeper, which is special, with DesignNest’s help, I hope we can realize the idea.”

Another participant from IIT Bombay said,” The detrimental attribute for engineering innovation in India is, we don’t know how to proceed with our blue prints. Now, as I learned about Design Nest, I think it’s that solution, for which we were waiting for a long time”.






As we wrap up in Guwahati the mood is a bit down, but as we see the students starting to create a DesignNest account, and having a thorough read about Design Nest, on their way back to their respective institutes,  the future of INDIAN Innovation definitely looks bright.


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