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Sunday: A day to relax

 For me, Sunday is the best day of week. My eagerness for Sunday to arrive is so strong that I start the countdown immediately from Monday itself. 



This Sunday was no different as well, I was going to sleep till the time I woke up naturally and no alarm was going to hinder me! I had made plans for a movie with my friend. I woke up at 11 am extremely relaxed, it was my day to pamper myself.



I went out after having a light breakfast and picked up my friend to go catch the film! The traffic was mad for a Sunday. Movie seemed like hard luck to attain but I persevered and managed to reach the hall scarcely 5 minutes before the movie was about to start.

I put my phone on silent, grabbed two buckets of popcorn and switched off my mind from all the worries of the world. Halfway through the movie I felt my phone was vibrating but I did not bother because I was pretty sure whatever or whoever it was, it can wait.



It was interval when I finally checked my phone and I was alarmed to see 15 missed calls from Hitler! That’s the name I have allotted to my Boss! And while I was contemplating on how I should call him and say sorry, my phone battery died! Had it been a week back I would have completely freaked out that I don’t have charge on my phone, but instead I took out Allocacoc’s PowerBank and seamlessly charged my phone.



I managed to call my boss and apologized for not picking up his call and explained that I was at a movie. He did not ask for much but an email. Thank God I had the PowerBank and I could immediately send the email from my phone.


 PowerBank by Allocacoc provides such easy portability dues to its slim design that I can carry it wherever I am going. It also comes with this unique 3 level indicator lights for 3 levels of battery.

Now after using the PowerBank its hard for me to imagine how difficult my life was without the PowerBank and I would definitely recommend to everyone who doesn’t want to run out charge! 

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