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Stranger Next To Me

It was raining heavily that day and I had a very tiring day at office too. I simply wanted to get home and relax. So instead of taking my usual bus I booked a shuttle that day. The bus would normally take me an hour or more to reach, but shuttle would be much faster I thought.

I got out at 6 and the shuttle was parked right in front of my office, I dint even have to walk that extra mile for a bus. I got inside the car and took the middle seat. The shuttle had another pick up, so after picking me up, it made another pick up.

This new passenger was an extremely jumpy guy. Firstly, it took him 10mins to get to the pick up stop which was extremely annoying, because my whole point of taking the shuttle was so that it gets me home faster.
Next, instead of sitting in front, he came right beside me and sat.
He appeared to not be able to sit still even for a moment, and as I turned my head to see what he was doing, I saw that he was staring at me. I immediately looked away as it made me extremely uncomfortable. Even the driver had noticed this.

I made my face extremely stern and took out by EarBeans by Allocacoc.
EarBeans are so much more comfortable and light to carry that I never forget to carry it, no matter where I am going. Shaped like a bean, EarBeans are the best companion to get lost in music or simply to avoid somebody.

My EarBeans really helped me a lot keeping my temper and eyes away from that strange man. Thank you Allocacoc for giving me a savior .


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