Slim is in !

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’

This famous statement was made by one of the fashion pioneers of the world. The latest style is fashion is that of slim fit and advertisers fully understand that by setting their standards too high to reach, they will maximize their profit margins for the long run.


There was a time when women around the world was obsessing over the zero-figure trend. The desire to look slim and fit into anything and almost anywhere !!


Allocacoc’s PowerBank was also designed with the goal to be the slimmest ! One of the slimmest design that you’ll ever see combined with unique color and shape.


Battery or Charge is a major issue with almost all of us who are ardent Mobile Phone users.

In the digital world everyone has one or more devices which constantly need charging, be it for work or personal use. Everything we do now is digital, sending mails, video conference calls or the very basic call and texts. And often during the most crucial time, our phone runs out of charge and we are stuck with the daunting effort of finding a power supply to charge it!



Battery or Charge is a major issue with almost all of us who are ardent Mobile Phone users



On this note, we introduce you to PowerBank. The reason why it is set up apart from most powerbanks in the market is mainly due to its super slim design which means you can carry it anywhere and in anything. It also makes charging way more simple. Both your phone and the PowerBank can be charged using a single cable, used via a Lighting or Micro USB port!


PowerBank has a super slim design



The PowerBank also comes with three different color indicator for three different battery levels, so you can easily tell how much charge is left. It gives you a sense of style even while carrying just a PowerBank in your bag!


Three different color indicator for three different battery levels


Weighing only 125 grams and 8mm in thickness, this is not only the slimmest but also comes with a capacity of 500mAh which means you can charge your average smartphone up-to 1.5 times. It also comes with a unique feature, just shake to check its power level.


I am glad I have mine. It’s time you grab yours.



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