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Sit, stand, move, repeat!



How we spend our day, shapes our lifestyle in the long run. Our each day looks pretty much the same and involves more sitting than most other things. By now most of us know and science has backed it up that sitting behind desks for long periods of time can lead to a number of diseases and organ failures. Most of us stuck at a 9-5 job have a higher risk of these health problems because most of our time is spent by sitting excessively.


However, sitting is not just linked to 9-5 jobs but in most aspects of our life. We tend to sit for most things in our day to day life, including sitting for meals, hanging out friends, spending some leisure time working on our hobbies or simply relaxing !

Safe to say an average human spends much more time sitting than any other physical activity. Although we are expected to be in a much more active and upright position for most portion of the day, it becomes increasingly difficult to include it in our systems.


Stand up and move


So why have we created this bubble for ourselves when we can improve our health and consequently have a better quality of life by making small adjustments to our daily routines? The key is to start slow and make a change every day.

This problem can be solved by Levit8 which is a product formed by the closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other, which creates a structure that is able to support more than 20 times its own weight.



For this reason Levit8 serves the perfect solution for standing and working. Levit8 is the world’s first flat-folding portable desk.

Levit8 has its set of unique selling points, one being it occupies minimal space, and is adjustable in accordance to the users height or comfort. The unique design aspect of it, gives a beautiful shape, enabling you to position your arms in a resting position while using your laptop or otherwise doing the kinds of work that require us to sit.

The seamless no parts and no assembly makes it a simpler hack than any other product. A simple switch between sitting and standing positions anytime, anywhere.

The features and convenience of this product gives you a feel good factor in your home and your life! This way you can get your bang for the buck in more than one way. On top of it, you strive towards a healthier lifestyle!


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