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Say Yes to DAX

The World has changed and so have we. In the 21st Century things are moving at a rapid speed. Be it any kind of change, from tape recorders to pen drives, from cars that run on diesel to Electric Scooters and Cars. Things are being transformed everyday keeping in mind the extra demands of man.



In the Digital World Credit and Debit Cards are the biggest example of how money is no longer paper but plastic. I remember back when my Father used to carry a huge wallet with notes and coins and visiting cards. It was easier for me to take some extra money from them, because so many coins ensured that they never had much time to count it all.


But it is easier now to carry cards instead of cash. Be it for safety reasons or simpler easier transactions. It has reduced the hassle for carrying big fat wallets around. But there are also some negatives to this. For example if one wants to take out just the card, they have to pull out everything from their wallets which is quite problematic.

This Father’s Day when I was surfing the internet to find a proper gift for my Father and Uncle, I came across DAX from Allocacoc. The thinnest wallet in the world, DAX makes it a breeze to carry this wallet and to use it as well. It can easily fit any cards or big notes and ensures safety.


DAX from Allocacoc has all the unique features that is required in today’s fast and digital world. Constructed from a special high-performance fabric originally fabricated for industrial use. It is extremely durable and water repellent. It is also the first cascading pull tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your notes and cards cascade neatly in front of you.

Give up your old wallets because it’s time for DAX.

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