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Reasons Why You Must “Unplug”

In today’s generation of fast paced life, it has become extremely essential to UNPLUG !

Unplugging is the term used to refer to taking a break from technology. Nowadays our life gets stuck in the same routine, and even without realizing , technology drives us away from living a simpler life.



Remember the time when you didn’t look at your cell phone every two minutes? Feels like the time was very long ago, but unplugging can help you to relive those moments.

1. Unplugging saves your body  2. Unplugging reduces your anxiety  3. Unplugging enhances your creativity.



Although Unplugging is beneficial it may not be easy to adapt, specially if you are a working individual with a fast paced life. To that use, you can switch to smart devices which although may not necessarily mean unplugging, but can lead to a much simpler life. The PowerCube family by Allocacoc provides solution in order to create a smart unburdened life which is not guided by technology.


For example the Levit8 by Allocacoc provides a smart upgrade to a healthier lifestyle whether you are simply working or otherwise! The Levit8 is a closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other, which creates a structure that is able to support more than 20 times its own weight. Levit8 provides the most seamless switch between sitting and standing positions at any given time or place.



The Heng Balance Lamp is another example of switching to a better peaceful lifestyle without having to compromise. The Heng Balance Lamp is a versatile small lamp fit for any part of your house or office and the best part of it is, its unique design where the lighting element is embedded into the frame so the light can find its way out. The gentle curve makes it easy to the eye and calming. Switching it on is very simple, the Heng Balance Lamp is controlled by two wooden balls. When you lift the lower wooden ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light. To turn off the light, all you need to do remove one orbit from the other, and the light will go off.

These products ensures, better and most importantly a peaceful and healthier lifestyle for people who are consumed with the harder parts of life.



My life has definitely changed for the better after using the products by Allocacoc and I hope yours do too! 

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