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Powering Your Life

Remember the first time you ever used a cellphone?



The first Cell phones were huge in size!



I remember it, my mother had purchased her first phone and  it was a tiny b/w screen phone but that never occurred to me to back then. I was thrilled ! My excitement was over the top, I remember I used to shortlist my favorite ringtones in the phone and play it like songs when I lay down. So little meant so much to us back then.The first time I had by mistake put my mother’s phone on Vibrate mode I remember how we both completely freaked out and I had rushed to my neighbour to get it back on the normal mode.


Initial b/w Cell Phone




It was embarrassing, but back then it was curious.  My mother always had innate faith in me that I always select the right piece of technology and quite frankly for my father, I was the next person to go if he needed any outlook or suggestion of this generation. He considered me the brand ambassador of all things in Gen Y.

But times have changed now, and the roles of a daughters has also changed. The world appears to be prepping up for equal opportunities and roles. And in this fast paced world its a miracle if you can do it all without any glitch. It doesn’t matter who wears the pants now because everyone can and instead it has become essential that you have the will and the desire to update yourself constantly.



The Roles have Daughters have also changed


The smart world expects you to be the Millennial daughter who can do it all without backing down or falling back. It is upto us to make our acts count because words can only carry you so far. It is essential to perform with responsibility and take our due share of consequences.

With the fast moving world, our technological and communications have also updated itself. The work of a phone is no longer limited to phone calls now.

A cell phone that can basically do everything for you is in. Nowadays our phones can make video calls, conference, act as an Mp3 Player, Movie player, Documents Archive and what not. Like every action or work of humans have been compactly put under one device, our Cell phone.




Evolution of Cell phone design from 1992 to 2002


So naturally imagine the pressure that our phones undergo everyday, if it was a human it would no definitely crack but Machines too, have limitations.

After a hefty day when I come back home and call my mother, that very voice is soothing for me. It doesn’t matter how close or far I am from home, what matters is that my father still calls me when I get quiet and don’t call him for sometime.

We count on our machines to do the extra job or go an extra mile that is too stressful for us. Hence it comes as no surprise when our phones regularly runs out of charge compared to our ancestral Phones which could go days without charging. Times are changing and with it our tenacity.






To help our phones cope with this extra pressure, there has been an increasing demands for PowerBanks, something to help charge your cellphone while on the go.

PowerBanks should be convenient to carry and charge and should only strive to make your life better.

Much like Allocacoc’s PowerBank which is so slim and light that you can carry it around with ease.


PowerBank by Allocacoc


You can easily Re-charge your PowerBank and phone with just one cable, through a Lightning or Micro-USB port. Additionally, its three different colors indicate three different battery levels.

PowerBank makes it a lot easier on you and your phone to handle your work and life pressure.



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