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Powerify your Standard.

Living a life of style is much more difficult today. One should be always updated with the upcoming trends. Fashion changes every single day and one needs to find their own style.

I’m a strong advocate of change, be it in fashion or life or even lifestyle. Being trendy is essential but its important to not overdo. I like to think myself as person who is pro trends and I make it a point to read magazines, watching videos and reviews of upcoming trends.


One day at office I was going through a Tech magazine and came across this unique product PowerCube USB from Allocacoc. I was so impressed with the design and engineering, I got hooked to the magazine and went through all the detailed specifications. Back from office that day, I had already decided to order one for myself.



This PowerCube USB from Allocacoc is amazing, with 4 Sockets and 2 USB charging port. It also comes with surge protector, child protection, and it comes in 4 attractive colors. PowerCube USB is a unique device and easily portable. One can carry it everywhere. And it does not make a mess of wires and cables at home or office. It makes everything look organized and tidy.

The one thing that really attracted me towards this product was that you can build blocks and connect as many as possible with the number of sockets without making it messy. After going through the minute details, the very next thing I did was ordered one from my self from Amazon.

PowerCube can be ordered online or at your closest retailer outlet! It definitely raise the standard of life. Get yours today!

Thanks to Allocacoc for bringing this revolutionary design to India.

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