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“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”



This statement always co-incited with what I felt was necessary in each and every photograph I ever saw or ever took.


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”



Camera has always thrilled me, initially due to my father at first. My father had this innate thing about capturing every frame that seemed valuable to him. During the first half of my childhood, my father’s old Kodak only had pictures of me in the reel.

Kodak Film Camera



I remember the first time my father completely handed me over the camera when I was 9 years old. We had gone for a trip to South India and it was a huge deal for me that my father let me take charge.

Over the years my knack for photography increased but I could not muster up enough courage to pursue it full time as a career and not hobby.

Like most things in my life, this too was a decision I took alone, and kept quiet about. I remember back in school and early college days I used to lend DSLR’s from my friends or the very kind boyfriends. I used to make it a point that I capture everyone when they are not posing, I was not good at scripted photographs.


First camera is always special



It was only after college that I received my own DSLR, gift from my father it was. Even before that I had taken up photography as a profession and this was just one step towards a safer bet.

Photography as a profession is as much difficult as it is hectic. Stories can happen anywhere or more importantly every frame has a story to tell. Its up-to you to see the frame and capture the essence of it. In this profession, it is absolutely essential to be up-to-date and always be prepared. To carry extra batteries, proper lights, lenses and most importantly to carry some kind of port to power and charge all of these things.


Its up-to you to see the frame and capture the essence of it.



PowerCube by Allocacoc is one such product that assists me in my profession. The PowerCube has 5 ports including two USB ports and it makes charging or powering multiple devices at the same time, a breeze.


PowerCube Original USB


For anyone who has extra needs of efficient multiple ports for their work or home, Allocacoc’s PowerCube should be your first choice. Not only does it come in attractive colors and shapes but also it provides surge protection and prevents blocking by bulky plugs.



Camera gears




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