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Perfect Sound of Life.

When life is going your way, there is no better feeling in the world.
The path ahead looks smooth and steady and we want to stay in that state for as long as we can!
But life comes with few basic rules, one of them is the constant ups and downs of life. No matter what, life doesn’t wait for anyone and hence its important to keep yourself happy.
Each person has their own way of relaxing and Music is one the leading stress buster of people around the world.

But there is one specific thing about music that sets apart listeners, inclination towards genres and artists.
Music is a moral law – these lines cannot be more truer and specially today when we find all types of music so freely accessible due to Internet and the ever-glorified piracy!


Cassettes during 1990's

Tape recorder and cassettes was our stable music partner back in the 90’s


And like everything good and great, music should also be shared. Like the times when you heard a song, you loved so much you couldn’t wait to make your friends listen to it. It was always important to share and especially now when times are hard and there are so much destruction and animosity all around us. Listening to music together, dancing and having a good time was something we loved to do as kids, with our bulky Tape Recorder and pile of cassettes!


Music and Dancing

Listening to music and having a good time.


Allocacoc lets you relive those times again with AudioCube. An extremely innovative design, AudioCube unlike other audio devices, has omnidirectional speakers enabling a 360-degree surround sound experience. It makes for easy portability to anywhere and in anything. Its unique design also comes with an extremely reasonable price.


AudioCube gives a surround sound experience


AudioCube comes with an internal battery life of 12 hours which means you can easily play it outdoors too. It comes in a range of amazing colors and has the simplest user interface. Paired with clear indicating controls (pause/play, volume, previous/next song and scan for pairing), AudioCube also facilitates function by Bluetooth in case you want to control it from a distance.


AudioCube features Bluetooth connectivity


If you are looking for the best speaker to carry on the go, you should think of AudioCube. It will last you for longer hours, make for a stylish accessory and be the mood lifter for you and everyone around you!

Thank You Allocacoc for this  Magical Music Box.

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