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New Place to Hang Around

I consider myself a free spirit, I always like to explore new places and people. Few days back my friend had told me about this up and coming cafe right around my house’s corner. We fixed a date one evening and 5 of us met there.

As we entered the cafe, the ambiance was lovely and made us feel very light and special. The hostess was extremely polite and beautiful and greeted everyone with a bright smile. They asked us how many of us were at the table and made us feel quite comfortable. The music playing was also very classy and pop centric. We had asked for a table for 7 because we were expecting two other friends. . We were actually having a great time. Another thing that we noticed was that each table had a cube extended for charging our devices.

I noticed that all the table had different colored PowerCube to charge the devices. We had the red color one and the best part was it had 5 Sockets to charge, and we were also 5 People. We did not have to worry about our batteries getting drained and for that matter we could click selfies and use our phones without having any worry.We were so happy with the service and the PowerCube that I went up to the hostess to ask her about it. And the I googled about it. Got to know that it is called PowerCube Original Extended from Allocacoc. It has an extended wire, so that it can be taken anywhere, and has 5 Sockets, that means at a time five people can charge it. That is what amazed me. One more thing I got to know, that it also has a PowerCube family. One can purchase this whole thing online. It is available everywhere.

I was so thrilled about this product that I purchased one for myself, thinking of gifting this unique gift  to myself

Thank you Allocacoc for giving the best gift.

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