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Never Run Out of Power

As you know life as a student is one of the most exciting times of ones life.

Once out of it life becomes much more complicated and new everyday.
Many of us have spent our most beautiful times in hostel. Life with friends and classmates and with the bare  minimum. Although most of student life is spent broke, its never without laughter and good times.

One constant problem that we always faced was the shortage of charging ports. Four people living in one room means a lot of noise, a lot of late nights and lots of power consumption. My roommates and I often got into meaningless fights as to who gets to charge their phone or laptop first. Frequently there were times when our phones had no charge and we would simply be blissfully aware while back at home, our families are panicking.

Finally my father got tired of worrying about me and he gifted us a PowerCube USB. Life has become much smoother and frankly we run out of excuses as to why we dint receive calls because now there is no dearth of ports or the unavailability.


The PowerCube USB by Allocacoc works as a socket multiplier with 5 additional sockets and moderates the power surge.


Additionally there is no hassle of wires entangled in the entire room and no bulky plugs blocking.

PowerCube USB is an extremely necessary device for any user  who has deficit of power sockets and high power consumption. More than me my family is grateful for this product because it means much less worry for them and they can contact me anytime!
Thanks to Allocacoc for bringing this device in India.

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