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Mystery Creates Wonder!

They say that ‘Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.’

I had come across this line so many times, but never had the opportunity to test it. Mystery that life is, it threw one such instance at me last week Monday.

I was late to get back from office and I was waiting at the almost scarce bus stand waiting hopelessly to get on something and take a bath when I get back home. The bus stand itself looked eerie at that time and the lights kept flickering, going on and off.

Finally the bus arrived and I got up and sat on the very last seat because I really did not want any interruption. As soon the bus started I took out my book, and dived into it. It was a crime thriller and I recently got hooked to this book. The protagonist of the novel was a mystery eyed murderer and I forgot my bus journey and focused on him.



After a while suddenly my eyes went to the man sitting on the seat next to my aisle. He was wearing a black waist coat and hoodie which covered him for head to toe. Only his eyes were visible and was looking straight ahead. I felt as if the murderer from my novel has come out and is casually sitting beside me on the bus. Now my attention had been taken over by this man and I could no longer go back to my book.

Suddenly I realized the man was putting his hands inside his pockets and I froze! He carefully placed his hands in his pockets and took out something which appeared to be bean shaped. I was relived and curious at the same time.

To my utter surprise it was a headphone, that he put on and shut his eyes and indulged into his music.

I was so relieved that he was a normal person and not the character from my book!

For a very long time, I was contemplating whether or not I should talk to him because the curiosity of the headphone could not keep me any longer. I finally gathered courage and nudged him slightly, he took out his headphones and in a husky voice said,” Yes?” I told him I am really sorry to disturb him but I had to know what earphone is this.



He said sure he didn’t mind and even took it off his ear and gave me to try, it was so amazing that I felt in love with it.

I asked him from where he bought, then he told me it’s EarBeans by Allocacoc. I was so excited I forgot my stop had come. Any how I got off the bus waving bye to him with a sweet smile and came back home.As soon as I reached home, first thing I googled was Allocacoc and its EarBeans. Purchased it on the same day, as I could not wait for it anymore.


Thank you Allocacoc for gifting me a smart bean, I got mine, hope you also try out yours and get one for yourself.

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