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If one were to ask the safest place or feeling for a person, it is that of HOME.

It is said that home is where your heart is and in it is no different in my case either. Its a place of my worship, where I eat, drink, live. No matter where you are, or how your day goes, the only wish that is consistent in you, is that to get home.


It is always refreshing to come back to a home that you have designed and assigned yourself. Each corner of the house should be echoing the aroma of love and care.

In order to have a home which emanates relaxation and has the amenities of a smart home, its important to well equip your home.



For this reason, have you tried all the Allocacoc products for your Home? 

Because I have and I cannot imagine now not having these products to powerify the perfect need for my home. All the wide range of gadgets that is required for the Modern Home is available with Allocacoc. Like Heng Balance LampPowerCube OriginalPowerCube ExtendedPowerCube RewirablePowerStip, etc.


My day starts with the PowerCube Original and ends with the Heng Lamp, all of these connected via the PowerCube Remote. These unique and sustainable gadgets make my daily life extremely simple and comfortable and has created the perfect haven for me, in garb of my home.



The Heng Balance Lamp which is placed by my side table makes me feel extremely relaxed and safe. I can carry the lamp according to the convenience of my use, keep it by the bed or in the Kitchen , or even in the Hall room. It makes reading by the light of a map much more hep and achievable !



As with my PowerCube family, I can place them in any and every corner of my house for a hassle free life! There’s no need to struggle with additional wires or chargers or plugs which only makes for a messier home! The PowerCube already has 5 sockets which can be used to charge my phone, tablet, laptop or simply watch Television and listen to my music. All of these without the hassle of wires blocking the way, or bulky plugs preventing the use of multiple sockets.. This type of smart powered house would make anyone happy and satisfied and would even want to call friends over to hang out at the smart home!



Thank You Allocacoc for giving me the kind of house I always wanted.

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