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Music Out of the Box

Music is life. It’s a true saying. 

Music can bring meaning to life, and happiness and pleasure. Like every other person, I too am an avid music listener and lover and without it I feel incomplete.

I am fortunate enough to live in a joint family, and my family like any other typical ones lives, eats and does most things together. But one additional tradition in our family is to listen to music together. This custom was started by my grandfather when he had first built the house. He found that often talking cannot fill the gaps of the day, but music could always do that.

Every evening after we come back from office/work it is compulsory for us to sit in the garden and listen to music together. Everyday somebody or the other would play the music of their choice and others couldn’t create an issue about it because grandfather believed that it is important to know and respect each others choice whether or not you  agree to it. Family comes first.


Initially it was the gramophone, that my grandfather would take outside and everyone would gather around and listen. Then it moved to tape recorder. But it was problematic to carry such a heavy player each evening and to bring it back inside before dinner.

However, this problem no longer exists for us, because of my amazing music box! Thanks to Allocacoc I now have the AudioCube, which is most handy and portable and makes the musical experience ever more worth it.

The AudioCube features clearly indicated buttons, where you can access all basic controls (pause/play, volume, previous/next song and scan for pairing) with a single touch and all controls have clear audio feedback. If you want to control from a distance the AudioCube features Bluetooth connectivity to make it easy.The AudioCube |Portable| also has an internal battery life of 12 hours for situations and events where no power outlet is available. If you are looking for the best portable speaker to take on the go the AudioCube will last longer than other portable wireless speakers. 

The AudioCube also offers an integrated power circuit, meaning that no bulky external power adapter is required, making it easy to place and charge anywhere.It has incredible bass, especially for its size. and is further amplified by a vibrating plane, which also doubles as an on/off switch. There is also an integrated LED so you can easily see whether the product is on or off. Most speakers are unidirectional, meaning the best sound is only directly in front of the device. But the AudioCube uses omnidirectional speakers, the sound penetrates air space, without any dead spots. We created a 360° audio experience, where the sound interacts with the room. The AudioCube is the best portable Bluetooth speaker for your home, it is the perfect centerpiece for any gathering.

I will recommend this Allocacoc’s AudioCube to all my friends and colleague. I am happy with it, I am sure you will be too.

Thank you Allocacoc, for bringing this awesome Device to our lives.



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