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Multitasking Like A Woman

The word ‘WOMAN’ is one that is powerful and empowering.


A woman can be courageous, strong, independent all at the same time. She stands tall with pride and is a never-stopping machine! A woman can be a mother, sister, wife to anybody but most importantly she is a person who has been blessed with the innate capability of multi-tasking.


Technological multi tasking devices are often not as fail-safe as the woman but one device promises to change that notion. The PowerCube Rewirable is the Queen in its own category. Just like a woman who is capable of multitasking, the PowerCube Rewirable can used and carried anywhere (UK, USA, China, Australia and Europe).


The device has world wide standard receptacle and its compact design, makes it a breeze for travelling.The best part of the PowerCube Rewirable is the facility to use multiple devices at the same time, simply put on the main switch and the power the socket anywhere according to your preference.

The PowerCube Rewirable also has the features for accommodating separate sockets. Now when I travel, and make list of important things to carry, the PowerCube Rewirable is among the most important things that I cannot travel without. Gone are the days where in order to charge my laptop or phone for a short trip, I would be boggled to look for a fit socket to plug in my device, all I have to do now is carry one PowerCube Rewirable for all my shortcomings. After using the PowerCube Rewirable, I cannot imagine going back to the life full of hassles and one with separate power sockets for each!

Grab your PowerCube Rewirable today!


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