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A woman is a universe. She is a Mother and someone who can do anything for her child. When it comes to her child’s happiness she can do everything. I was in my final year when I was given an assignment to write about motherhood and breast feeding.

For research, I came across women who had given birth to new-born. On telling them that I was writing an article on the mother, child and breastfeeding, they happily agreed to co-operate and even asked me to come the next day with all my questions.

So, I came across some women who were new mothers. I told them, that I was writing an article on mother and breast feeding, requested them to allow me stay with them for few hours and let me write about themselves. They agreed. The next day I came to first lady early morning, wanted to see her activities with the new born.

The next day, I made an early start knowing full well how difficult it must be for a new mother to balance everything in her life. This particular woman that I visited was a home-maker and she was facing a lot of issues. She was a single mother which meant she had to work doubly hard to give her the child the perfect amount of love and care.

I constantly saw her rushing from here to there. Cooking, then cleaning the house and all this time taking care of the baby, breastfeeding her, giving her a bath and many other things.

However she was extremely organized and had all work done at specific time.

What struck me was this amazing soulful music that was emanating around the entire house. This was I think calming the baby too because I went in the bedroom to see the baby playing and laughing.

The mother told me when my baby is in the mood to play I play this Allocacoc’s AudioCube and he listens to it peacefully.

The baby made no fuss whatsoever and when it was time, the mother started breast-feeding the child. He had his full appetite peacefully while listening to the music.

The AudioCube created a magical environment for the little baby and that was the main reason why the mother could handle everything so well and on time.

Thanks to Allocacoc’s AudioCube that give the mother and that little baby a very healthy environment.

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