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Modern Technology & Company Security

Technology has been a blessing to our lives and as much as we have become technology driven, the questions of data security have gone up increasingly.

It becomes important to keep in mind the safety and security features of all the applications we use in our everyday lives in the official sphere. The more careful we become, the safer official data are.

Business owners no longer have to hire an entire staff of security guards and IT professionals to accomplish what can be done with very affordable tech that does much the same as a team of people. Sure, there will always be companies that rely on human eyes and ears for their security needs, but your business does not have to be stuck in that old security model.


The great thing about living in the computer age is that you can hook sensors up to check for just about anything. From motion to the use of chemicals, sensors can alert you to what is going on inside your business by updating information straight to your computer or smartphone. This gives you the ability to track and monitor a situation precisely how you have set up the sensors to feed you data.


Protecting Digital Property:

In order to protect your business in such a highly technical age, it is best to employ the latest in security tech to maintain a top-notch security perimeter. From cameras to apps, every inch of your business can be monitored on a constant basis. Often these measures are so affordable, it is amazing to learn that companies do not do more to protect their assets and employees from criminal activities.
Millions of people are unaware and uninformed about how their personal information is being used, collected or shared in the digital world.

Data Privacy Day aims to inspire dialogue and empower individuals and companies to take action.

Allocacoc’s DockinhgHub USB C helps you to transfer data in a secure and faster way.
This hub solves the problem of having insufficient ports on a computer with USB-C ports. The USB-C HUB has five different ports: HDMI, USB-C, USB-A, USB-C (DC in) and a Micro-SD/TF card slot.
The product has two USB-C ports. One of the USB-C ports (marked with “DC in”) only supports (fast) charging and can be directly connected to a charger to charge the computer. The other USB-C port supports data transmission as well as charging external devices.
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