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Living With Power

In the 21st Century, we all have become machines. 

We are only living half a life. No feelings, no happiness, no pleasure. All we do is work and some how manage to survive. The line is so true, to survive all you need is Roti Kapda aur Makan. I feel the same, since life is so strong and hard, one should take a break and spend time in nature.  

I am working in a multinational company and have a very hectic schedule and life, I hardly get time for myself. But yes, one thing I do it take a month off from my busy schedule and take a break and go out for trekking. Every year I make a point of going to nature and enjoy it to the core. Leaving all tension and stress back home. This one month I make sure I live to the fullest.


This year also I did the same thing. I planned my holiday by surfing the net and looking out for a new place to visit nature. Then I found out a small village at the hills in Uttrakhand, where there are very little population. And great place for Trekking named Roopkund Trek. I was surprised to see the picture on the net I was excited to pack and leave.

I left home and started my journey towards my destination, I reached there and found very little population there, and the scenery was awesome. I could not wait for a second, I took out my smart phone and started clicking pictures and selfies. After nearly taking 20-30 photos, I see the battery drained out. Now I needed to charge it. And these places have one or two sockets maximum for the entire area. One had to wait in the queue  to charge their device. I was shocked to see that to charge one phone a person had to wait for 3hrs.

After seeing this problem, I took out my PowerCube Original and gave it to the tea stall person. And told him to put this and then you can charge 5 phones at a time. They were so happy and excited on seeing this unique device, that they asked me to come and tell them about this unique product. I told them it’s a product from Allocacoc, it is called PowerCube Original. You can get it in any part of India and online at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is go online and order it from Amazon. 

The people of that village were so happy to see this unique device that they felt that it’s a miracle that it has come to their place. They started taking pictures of the PowerCube Original. They took all the details and information about the product and ordered soon!

Allocacoc has made the life easy for everyone. Thank you Allocacoc for bring this revolutionary design to India.

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