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Light of Life

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

It is a true saying.

When nothing seems to be going right go Left.

Life is full of hard work and tensions. One can easily come up with the alternate if we have the courage to fight for a positive life and come out with a smiling face.

My life is no different either, lots of ups and down. Sometimes nothing seems to be going perfectly, I was totally demotivated with life.


Office was no different as well, the usual stress and the rude boss was as usual sarcastic about my work. The deadlines seemed impossible, colleagues were annoying and everything seemed haywire. Yet, I made peace with the fact, because it is my life and I have to deal it my way.  My mother was my only companion and my closest person then. I used to come back from after a very tough day and tell her each and everything that went right or wrong. And the best part is she never got tired of my ramblings.



That day when I came back home from my usual hectic and hard day at work, I saw a gift on top of my bed. It had a little note written by my mom. The note read, ‘When everything seems to be dark, burn your own light.

That line really touched me.I realized instead of complaining about the daily life, why don’t I modify it and make it better. I did not think much after that and just tore into my gift.

It was a beautiful and unique Lamp. The shape was oval and it was made of wood, the design simply amazed me and lifted up my mood instantly. With a wire and USB-C cable, and two orbit balls, the lamp was unique in its own way. However I didn’t see any switch for power, I turned the lamp, looked for a switch everywhere and was extremely curious and confused. I noticed the two orbits getting attracted towards each other because of a magnetic attraction. So I brought the two orbits closer to each other and the lamp lit up brightly!

I was mesmerized and placed the table by my bed. It brought such a unique calm to the room and to my demeanor as well I think.



I went and hugged my mother tightly! She gave me warm smile and told me not to thank her but Allocacoc for bringing the Heng Balance Lamp.



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