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Into the Jungle

College was finally getting over and the department had decided to take us on a final trip.

We were extremely excited and the planning went on for weeks. What we were going to wear, eat and take. For me it was my first trip to the jungle.



On the day, we were all set to go, the bus arrived and we were all set to go by 6.00 a.m sharp! A line of buses were standing and we all went up to the buses. The way to the jungle was one of the most exciting routes I had ever taken and the excitement was through the roofs. The greenery unlike the few stretches of lonely trees that we come across in cities. The singing started quite impromptu and everyone joined in. There was singing and listening to music all throughout.




It was almost sundown by the time we reached our destination and immediately set up camp. It strange how fast we can work when its group work.  We went back to freshen up a bit and came back to have dinner. After dinner we all sat by the fire and started playing Music. But the mood demanded for more than a light audio and then came my AudioCube to the rescue.


Because phones can only go so far and Allocacoc’s AudioCube also has an internal battery life of 12hours, far more than a normal Bluetooth speaker can last. 

The party went on for quite long and everyone ended up having a great time. I was the party queen after introducing this Cube and everyone was ever so grateful that I had not forgotten to carry it. That is one of the advantages of AudioCube , it so portable and handy and can be carried anywhere. Very honestly AudioCube serves the proper purpose of a Bluetooth speaker.

Thank you Allocacoc for bringing this unique device, it was one of the best camp trip I had, till now everyone still talks about the AudioCube and that night.

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