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Intimidate To Ignore

Daily commute is a regular hassle for people travelling by Public mode of transport.

I have been commuting for more than 18 years , half of my school life and then college and office. I have always found that there are 3 types of people aboard public transports.



Most people have a daily commute routine.


Type number one are the bunch of extremely energetic and morning people, they feel its their duty to talk loudly and let everyone know of all the intricate problems at their home or work. These are essentially the type of people I try to avoid, because to me the sensation of silence in the morning is very crucial and I try to extend it as much as possible.



There are 3 types of people aboard public transports.



Type number two is definitely the type of people who think they have done everyone a favor by turning up on time, they will boss around the seats, make silly civil or cultural remarks which are completely irrelevant in the 21st century or which definitely makes him irrelevant for moral policing others.



From Kids to Adults everyone has daily commute routine.



The third type I think is mine, they get to office because they want to work and not talk and talking in the morning especially, seems like a strain on the soul.

This has been going on from school days, that I would get up from my stop and take the window seat and try to look out the window the entire way, just so that I don’t have to look inside and talk to somebody. My mother thought it was rude of me, what I could never make her understand was that in order for me to do my work properly, I need to let my brain breathe and people who seamlessly talk in the morning, end up talking mostly. Less talk and more work has been my goal always, and I am good at my work. So I never felt the need to overtly compensate for it by talking.



EarBeans by Allocacoc is my constant companion.



For this reason Allocacoc’s EarBeans is my constant companion. Even when I am not listening to anything, its simply easier to plug the earphone in and ignore the world. EarBeans are the lightest headphones in the world and its unique shape I think makes it pretty intimidating because no one dares to bother me, when I have by EarBeans on.

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