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India Is A Land of Multiple Choices

Think of a potato chips. 

Bet you thought of Lays. 

Not that it’s the only wafer in the world. 

Nor that it’s the world’s best wafer. 

But it IS the world’s wafer brand. 

And therefore, it’s the brand that most people choose. 



Lays comes to the mind when talking about Chips!




Now think of other product categories. Most have a leading brand. A brand that defines its category. A brand that first comes to mind when consumers think of the category. It is not necessarily the biggest brand in its category, but it is the protagonist of its category.



Cigarettes? GoldFlake.

Shoes? Nike.

Coffee? Starbucks.

Beer? Heineken.

Computers? Apple.







Consumer choice has exploded.

Brands facilitate decision-making in this world of multiple choice.

What to eat?

Where to eat it?

What to drink?

What shoes to wear?


Where to go on holiday?

Where to invest?

Brands that dominate their category are brands that express the essence of the category. And they do so with vision. With clarity. And most of all, consistency. They connect brand DNA with consumer insight and expectation.


Does a brand have DNA? 





Brand DNA


Just like any being, a brand is a living breathing organism with its own DNA. Its own undeniable truth. Powerful brands are believable brands because they are true to their DNA. Human beings are stuck with their DNA forever. Not so with brands. Nike was not “born” with the “Just Do It” DNA just as Apple was not born to “Think Different”. This DNA was developed through the vision of management applied consistently over time. Not just in advertising, but in EVERYTHING THE BRAND SAYS AND DOES. Look at the design and functionality of Apple products. They communicate so much more about the Apple brand than advertising could ever do.

Brand India signifies tourist campaigns

When we hear the phrase “Brand INDIA”, we probably think of advertising done by the Indian National Tourism Organization. That’s a part of what Brand Gujarat represents, but it’s only a part. Think of how the Common Wealth Games affected the image of India. And how the impact is still affecting it today.

We at Kapalin, are believer.

“We are not blind optimist. But we at Kapalin are believer. We believe in the power of imagination. And we believe in the power of human endeavor. And this is where the opportunity lies.” 

India is on the brink of becoming a first world country. But we are not a modern nation. We are India. People with the power to imagine. People with the intelligence to turn imagination into reality. We imagined the TajMahal. We imagined the Mahabharata. Now it’s time to imagine the future. 

People do great things when they feel great about themselves. Cricket teams do great things when they feel great about themselves. And nations do great things when they feel great about themselves.

Screw economics. 

Here’s the opportunity. The world now understands that India is not the economic villain that it was a few months ago. There’s an understanding that the crisis is a symptom of fundamental issues in World. The symptoms just hit here more. So let’s imagine our way out of it first. 

This gets me back to advertising. This new DNA must be expressed in how the country communicates. As a tourist destination and as an investment destination. The world will start to think differently about India. And we will start to feel differently about ourselves. 




The world will start to think differently about India




It’s a world of multiple choice. We have a huge work force, a huge market, and different avenues with digital marketing knocking at the door. Kapalin knows this market, Kapalin breathes this market, and Kapalin resides within the Indians, because we understand the wallet and aspirations of Indians.

Brands influence decisions. And the most important decision that Brand India can influence is how Indian’s feel about themselves and what they will imagine and do in order to create India of the future. A India of creativity, innovation and change.

Let’s not forget the past. But let’s not bask in it either. We need a future vision which ties the things that the world loves and admires about ancient India with things that the world will love and admire about future India.



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