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Life is the toughest race and often times the choice is not even up to us. Today human beings are always perturbed by worry. Like most, I too have an extremely hectic work life  that consumes most of my time.

I remember when last week I barely saved myself from hearing an earful.It was raining badly that day and I had a big assignment submission. Although I really wanted to, I couldn’t take a leave that day. I knew this presentation was important, so I had even slept off early. But when the alarm rang on the fateful morning,  I saw that I was running 15 minutes late! All I could see blurring my vision, was my Boss’s cold face asking me what could possibly make me late today! I did not stop once, I kept rushing and finally got out of the house on time.

Halfway to the office, I realized I had forgotten to turn off the lights in my bedroom! How could I ! I remember turning off the living room switches, and the kitchen, so how did I forget to turn off the bedroom switches!

Nevertheless I did the presentation, with a half attentive mind true, but hopefully no one noticed!
Finally my colleague spotted that something was eating me away. I confessed to her that my mind was in half tatters because I had left all the switches in the bedroom on and there was no way I could check. She then told me about PowerCube Remote, which apparently lets you control all the devices via the same remote. I mean makes so much sense that you wouldn’t have to go to each room separately to turn off all the power, when you can do just the same with one remote.

I spent that day in extreme anguish, promising myself that I would get the PowerCube Remote as soon as I get home, just Lord save me today and let nothing bad happen at home. I rushed home that evening, thankfully only the Fan and the Lights were on and not my straightener or something more dangerous.

But now I have the PowerCube remote and somehow it has made my life simpler and I definitely have to rush less.

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