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Gift for Brother

Like every sibling, I and my brother also fight a lot. We cannot decide on one thing. If one thinks of east the other goes west. But there is one day in a year that we don’t fight at all and we make sure that we promise to take care of each other no matter what.

That is Raksha Bandhan. This is the day I feel like a princess, because that day my elder brother makes me feel like one. He treats me most important. And gives me whatever I want. I can feel his love and carethat day. I feel no matter what when it comes to taking care of one’s sister they are always there.

This year also Rakhi is approaching soon. So, I thought this year why not make it special for him. Why not treat him the way he treats me. This time instead of taking gift from him, I thought I will gift him something, in fact something special that will make him glad.

But what to gift him was a big question?

I started searching the internet. Thought will get something at least. I did the whole search but could not find anything worthwhile, suddenly my phone rang, and my friend had called me asking what I was doing, I told her that I am surfing google for a nice gift for my brother but not getting anything.


She told me about Allocacoc’s USB C-Cable. That it is 3 in 1 charger. One can charge three phones with 1 cable. I was excited to hear about this so then I googled it. It was amazing, I saw the features, that it can charge mostly all the phones. And the wire is handy also. Since my brother carries two phones, one for official work and one for personal use, he always keeps two chargers all the time. So, this wire can bring him out of this problem in a minute. It’s a one stop solution for all.

I saw that this USB C-Cable is available everywhere and one can purchase it online also. I dint wait for a second, I bought it then only. And kept it for the main day. On Rakhi when I gave it to my brother he was so happy seeing it. It was really a good surprise for him. He just hugged me saying thanks. I could see the smile and happiness seeing this gift.

Thank you Allocacoc for bringing a smile to my brothers face.

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