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End of the Road

Our summer house was in a very remote area of the jungles and we went there every summer for two to three months.

There were not many houses around just about 4 to 5. We used to do our shopping in bulk because there were no nearby stores, we had to get everything from the departmental store in the nearest Town.

We didn’t mind it too much because it was a break from City life and it was only for a few months.

The house next to us had been empty for about 20 years, as kids we used to play on House’s ground I remember.
Anyway, one fine day a family moved into the house next door and we were pretty surprised by the look of them. They seemed perfectly fit into the weird empty house.
They were a family of 5, including the father, mother, kids and one bed-ridden elderly grandmother.



Life was almost boring before they came.

But the neighbors never stepped out, which was weird and creepy and this roused our curiosity even more.

I wanted to know them very closely and why their doors and windows were always closed.

Finally, one evening I saw the elder girl by the window and waved at her, she immediately moved away from the window and this was it for me. I just had to go and talk to them at least once.

I went up to the door and rang the bell. I saw one old lady opening the door. I greeted her and told her and introduced myself as the next door neighbor.

The house was filled with all sorts of old furniture and antiques. She went around and introduced me to all the

members of the family. The eldest daughter then saw me and smiled and took me to her room. She told me that they had come from a very small town and that’s why they were more reserved when meeting new people. She showed me this unique lamp that she had beside her bed and my mood was immediately lifted. On asking she told me it was a gift from her aunt. It was Allocacoc’s Heng Balance Lamp and that it was available in India as well.


I soon ordered one for my family as well and it has brought about a unique luminescence in the house. Suddenly the next door neighbors don’t seem strange anymore.


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