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Ease through life

The millennial human spends his average life making it secure for himself, so that retirement or post work, life is easy.

Our life is surrounded by people who have touched our lives or helped shape it the way it is now.
When you are a child, it is your grandparents who shield you and pamper you from all your mistakes and your demands. They appear to be a cushion between the hard rule set by your parents and school and everything else that expects big things of you.


They appear to be a cushion between the hard rule set by your parents and school



As we grow up we tend you draw away from our families, be it for work or career or simply life. In this instances when we see Television Ads or Radio Ads which talks about how we should spend more time with our grandparents or the elderly in our family, we are often filled with guilt. A tear or two may roll down the eye, depending on the conviction of the advertised content but all in all most of us realize that yes, we mostly don’t spend as much time as we should have with our elders or grandparents.

Although this guilt is understandable, what is inescapable is the pace of life. We often see people in the films or read a book where suddenly one day the protagonist quits everything and sets out to live life their own way, and they always appear to have money and enormous happiness.



Most of us, don’t have the guts to quit everything.


Most people watching these films, most of us, don’t have the guts to quit everything in the faith that things will work out and hence choose to stick to the life we know best, even if it is too hectic and less rewarding.

In this rush, the people we often miss out are always there in the depths of our heart , their tenderness, words, everything ring in our minds when we can’t be there is person.
It may be possible to quit life as the hectic way we know it and simply go back to the time when people could spend more time with family, have a decent job and very mediocre dreams.


In this rush, the people we often miss out are always there in the depths of our heart


We should be grateful to our elders for they have given us the strength to dream bigger, work doubly harder and make something out of life. So the best thing to do for them I think is not to quit everything but to remind them that you are there, even you aren’t there physically.


Allocacoc’s AudioCube

All these things will go on in your mind when you see Allocacoc’s AudioCube. I know because I wanted to buy my Grandma something that would make her smile, be useful to her and at the same time remind her of me.



AudioCube has made that possible




AudioCube has made that possible, I made her favorite playlist on the phone and now each morning she starts here day by simply switching on the Cube and listening to her songs as she goes about life.

‘Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.’
These very fine words always reminds me that old age is not misery it is simply the time to look back at the good memories.



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