Deck It Up

I had the opportunity to study or observe human psychology through just regular interactions.

I think it is always for one to scrutinize others than themselves, that is far more harrowing. However, not like those people don’t exist either, they exist very well. But their existence is mostly concerned with their selves and their own interests. I suppose these are the type of people who would be careful about their money, who would strategize, compartmentalize a portion and keep the rest for expenditure or vice versa. Either way, I have seen people who don’t want to deal with money and  being much casual about it than they should be.

The question whether they have more or less is quite irrelevant here I think, since I have seen both of these categories set examples. I remember back when I was a kid, my father used to use a wallet, but strangely he stopped as I was growing up. The changes he used to keep in his pockets and anything important like cards, he would keep it in his briefcase.


Now, of course there is that argument that my father was from another era but also the fact I have seen some of my college friends do just the same. I remember this one friend of mine who was an artist and he hated carrying wallets ! It was so difficult to ensure that he would be safe about his money.

I wish I had come across Allocacoc’s Dax then itself, but I guess it took a few years to figure out the problem and come up with a solution. DAX is the first cascading pull tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your notes and cards cascade neatly in front of you. DAX makes accessing your wallet not just easy but also enjoyable. Also, constructed from a special high performance fabric originally fabricated for industrial use. It is extremely durable and water repellent. Most importantly, it looks great and feels amazing in the hand.

I’ll definitely gift him the Dax now.

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