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Comfortable Comfort

In today’s world, we all have become machines.

Like machines we do things because they need to be done and not out of happiness. Most humans work because its a necessity in order to be able to sustain themselves.


Getting up in the morning, going to work, coming back home to have dinner, then sleep and repeat it again the next day.

This has become the circle of life for most of us. We spend most of our time in the office. For this reason the work space should always be that of a hospitable and comfortable environment.



Most of us work on computers or laptops and hence spend most of our day sitting in front of computers, making our body stiff and painful by the end of the day.

Now what if you had a table which was so convenient that you could pop it out any time you want and it could support 20 times its own weight!



Levit8 is one solution to this problem. Allocacoc’s Levit8 is comfortable and portable and one can easily work on it, while standing! All you need to do is fold it in an X shape and put your laptop atop it! One can stand and do the work when required, without the straining you neck or making your back stiff for longer hours.



Every office space be a strict corporate or lenient start-up should have Levit8. It serves the perfect solution for standing and working. Levit8 is the world’s first flat-folding portable desk.

Levit8 has its set of unique selling points, one being it occupies minimal space, and is adjustable in accordance to the user’s height or comfort. The unique design aspect of it, gives a beautiful shape, enabling you to position your arms in a resting position while using your laptop or otherwise doing the kinds of work that require us to sit.



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