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Celebrating Breast Feeding Week with PowerCube

‘Breastfeeding is Mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the Earth.’

Today marks the start of the International Breast-Feeding week and there are some facts we should reassert. Firstly the wonder that is human body, that it can produce the exact amount and temperature of Milk required for a baby, is amazing! But let’s not forget that most species can produce milk for their young’s and often times we resort to those forms of Milk instead of breast milk.

The saying goes, breast milk is better than any udder milk and while Breast feeding may not be the choice of every parent, it is the best option for all newborns.

Breastfeeding can also save a family approximately 3 to 5l rupees annually (compared to cost of formula)Breast-feeding makes sense when equating for well-being, health, and over all affordability.

While Motherhood is one of the greatest blessing that women are bestowed with, it brings forth its own set of challenges. And bringing up a child is an all-consuming task, so to top with taking care pf the house and yourself can definitely be a challenge. New mothers need maximum rest and minimum anxiety and I have often this tough to maintain given our busy schedule in life. We always try to make the best choices for our kids and PowerCube Original by Allocacoc was one such choice of mine.

Getting used to Mother-hood is not an option because unlike most things in life, this doesn’t give you a moment to spare or a second chance if something goes wrong. So when I started getting used to this new life, it was extremely tedious for me too. I often felt that my life had totally gone beyond me and I couldn’t control all aspects of my life. For example, if I wanted to spend sometime diving into watching films or more, I couldn’t do that simply because I couldn’t leave the baby alone even for a minute. So that’s when my husband got me PowerCube Original & Extended. Now I can easily place the PowerCube extended anywhere near me and have a quiet time for myself without negating my role of a mother.
Striving to be a good mother and to have a proper life was important for me. PowerCube helps me to unwind because this is a multi-plug that not only supports 5 points at the same time, but is also safe as it provides surge suppressor and is made of heat resistant ABS and fire resistant PC shell. It’s easier to have a life now because I can take care of the baby and do my work on the laptop or simply watch Netflix at the same time. It lets me power my phone, tablet all at the same time and I don’t have to get into the added hassle of wires entangled in the room or getting up each time my phone ran out of charge when I just had to take a cute picture of my baby.

Much like Nature’s design with a Mother’s body, Allocacoc brings you the PowerCube.

The PowerCube original should be your choice if you are for something that is safe, affordable and smart for your family. The PowerCube comes with a compact design of 5 sockets, provides surge protection and the best thing about it is that it lets you use all the 5 ports at the same time. Unlike most Multi-plugs that display accessibility but instead are blocked by Bulky Plugs, PowerCube doesn’t Block. It also provides for overload protection.

So this week spread a little more awareness about Breast-feeding and bring home a PowerCube to celebrate and better powerify your home and life.

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