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Candle Light Dinner with Heng Balance Lamp

A well spent evening with a Lamp. 

Yes, that’s right, not a person but an unique lamp. I am a person who likes to spend time alone, I don’t have much friends or siblings and I frankly never felt the need for having somebody else. I never thought having a partner is a necessity to be happy. I prefer to go out and have some quality time just by myself.

I was at work, surfing the net when I came across this new boutique restaurant right around the corner of my office. So after work that day I went there to have a nice dinner by myself. I sat at a corner seat enjoying the view, and noticed a beautiful lamp by my table. I like it so much that it brought a smile to my face. Soon, I ordered food and for company the Lamp kept me really occupied.

I noticed that all the tables have the same type of lamp in various colors and it created a beautiful ambient for the place. The Heng Balance Lamp was the name of the product, I found out after inquiring. The Lamp did not appear to have a normal on/off button but was powered by the two balls being attracted towards each other. The light appeared to pass through the wooden curves and creates a beautiful illusion.


Once you pick up the lower ball and put it near the upper one, the two balls will find a balance and levitate in mid-air. Once the balance is achieved, the lamp switches on.

It’s a new and interactive way to brighten up your room! It was the waiter who had told me that it was the Lamp from Allocacoc, known as Heng Balance lamp. I went to their website and saw a lot of unique products were there then I came across this lamp also saw its features. I wanted to have one for my office and home too. So, I googled about it and saw this and most of the unique products of Allocacoc are available in the market and also in Amazon, so I placed the order while still at the restaurant, and started enjoying my dinner. I came back home with a blissful smile on my face.


Thanks to Allocacoc for this unique design.

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