Our Businesses

At Kapalin, we adapt a definite marketing approach in the specific markets to leverage upon our strong product basket.

Our business process is the backbone of our company and this is what makes the company a leader in its sector and we always promotes new distribution company launch in India

From utilization of proven methods to end to end supply chain management - we make efforts to join every element to provide a comprehensive solution for all the departments that give support to our fundamental operations. Our business approach is built on the sole purpose of making Kapalin the best in the field of trading, manufacturing, marketing and distribution industry and we support new distribution company launch in India. We grasp our company’s strength and capabilities to aid the core operations and apply a consistent corporate culture and processes across our worldwide operation. Kapalin’s corporate structure fortifies that the knowledge and the winning strategies are shared and communicated among all the trade units, timely and systematically according to the requirements of the fields we operate in. Spotting that clients’ requirements are changing on a constant basis, we are committed to make continuous advancement in all our processes in accordance with these changing requirements. In assistance with managerial methodology, our effort results in remarkable breakthroughs and advancements in a number of processes. These include:
  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Distribution


Shanghai Qianka Trading Co. Limited is Kapalin Marketing Trading wing is well established organisation located in Shanghai, China, with an experience of a decade in International Trading serving clients around the globe.

The company Geographical Location enable us to serve and fulfill all requirement of clients with ease. Our capabilities are ideally suited to meet demanding production schedules, and we are committed to keeping up with the constant changes occurs in manufacturing and product design.


We, at Kapalin are focused on green energy with the intention of contributing in a small way towards easing Global Warming.

There are currently over 170 people employed with the Company at its manufacturing facilities China. The facility at ZhongShan, China is one of the company’s global manufacturing hubs, and it plays a key role in the company’s strategic vision, serving customers throughout the Asia and Middle East regions, and over 40 other countries worldwide.

Marketing & Distribution

Kapalin offers marketing and distribution assistance throughout the world with a single aim of encouraging foreign manufacturers to work in the Indian market.

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