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Building Blocks

Coming from a big family, I learned a lot. Things don’t have to be perfect. You can do okay with ‘almost.’

The lines are so true for anyone living in a big family or joint family. I come from a joint family of 10 people, from parents to grandparents, its a full house.

Big family also comes with big problems, like the one where everyone fights for limited charging ports!


In my big family, gadgets are a huge reason for fights, specially among my nephew and niece. We all come back from home and put our almost drained phone or tab on charge so that we can get glued to it till night.

For this reason, whenever there is a tiff for power sockets and points Allocacoc comes to my help!


The first I saw the PowerCube USB was at a friend’s place. I found her space so organized, without any wires or entanglements or fights for power sockets! So I googled about the product and got myself Allocacoc’s PowerCube USB for every member of my family. Now we have 16 sockets and 8 USC charging port for all the devices at home.



This design not only solves the problems between the members of my family but also gives us more time to sit together and engage in little things. The beautiful color range of the product also makes for an interesting building block of power.

It is also safe for children and causes no hazard!

This unique design makes you bring a smile on your face. Thank you Allocacoc for bringing this unique device to India. I bought mine, I am sure you would love yours too.


Go get your grab the PowerCube of your favorite color.

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