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Brighten Up Your Corner

God said let there be light and the world came into being. 

Although, the world as we know it often serves to help those who don’t need it anymore. Making the rich richer and the poor poorer. We are a generation who has not witnessed any major wars but we are the generation which has faced Recession.

21st Century has made the impossible things seem possible, and thanks to it the world is much closer in spite of our geographical boundaries.

Light has always been the answer in dark times. Remember what Dumbledore said in Harry Potter

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”


Such was our lives till Allocacoc’s Heng Balance Lamp came into it. On extremely dark and dull days, I take time off for myself. There’s no point in pushing oneself to work when the mind is so distracted and overpowered by negative thoughts and imaginations.


The Heng Lamp was gifted to me by my best friend when she came to visit me in the city, I was suffering from severe depression and did not have the energy to share or to make anyone stay.

It has become the light of my life, with lighting up every dark little corners of my existence.

Coming to the extraordinary design of the lamp, the engineering itself is marvelous and provides the passage for light to travel through its wooden curve. Switching it on is almost magic, just by bringing the two orbits closer to each other. The lamp doesn’t have any power button and is also USB chargeable making it so convenient to use from any port near you.

I come back home to this light. I come back home to find some peace and strength to continue even in the most direst situation and Heng Balance Lamp is my silent yet bright companion!

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