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AudioCube: Giving Peace a Chance

In every big Miss Universe or Miss India pageant, there would always be some contestant who would claim to want world peace and stop to war as we know it.


If only it was so simple to bring peace to the world and stop mass destruction. We are a generation who have not witnessed any major wars or depression, yet peace is a concept that is still hard reaching for us.



Image from World War II


Back in 1970’s when half the world was shrouded in Cold war, destruction was there  even then.

For every great civilization to continue and sustain itself, war has been a part of it every few decades or years. However the destruction, death and distribution caused by full scale major wars have been realized within the most civilian community, hence we choose to stay away from war till the time it becomes a absolute necessity.


People have found their voices and they wish not to be silent



Peace however is still a far fetched notion. From students uprising, to demands for equal pay, to refugee crisis, or the war in Syria, every thing piles up to the notion that peace is not prevalent, although you may choose to ignore the truth, it doesn’t easily fade away.

For most of us there is not much we think we can do to maintain peace, it is up to the government we say. But therein lies our responsibility to do our part, to make sure we contribute in some way to the society. It may be by raising your voice against something unjust or trying to ensure peace and justice within your own perimeter.


The world as of now needs people who care



The world as of now needs people who care, who can show empathy and sympathize. The need to unite in the name of peace and humanity is required now more than ever. It is important to realize that a little action can go a long way. Because humanity should always come first, before power, before politics and even before religion.


Music has always been an element of inner peace and satisfaction


Music has always been an element of inner peace and satisfaction. History is witness to the destruction caused by war and politics, but Music has forever tried to heal those wounds. After a long day of tiresome work, we want to find peace in our homes, withing our family. And Music is one such element which would only work to bring you closer to humanity.



AudioCube strives to be a revolutionary design in the field of portable speakers


Allocacoc’s vision of AudioCube was somewhat related to this. With its omnidirectional sound and 360 degree speakers, AudioCube strives to be a revolutionary design in the field of portable speakers. It’s aggravated Bass and very unique play buttons makes it a joy to listen to Music.


Bring in a AudioCube today, and make some time for yourself.



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