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Allocacoc at Jain Social Group Indore Elite’s Fair

On 2nd September, 2018 Allocacoc participated in Jain Social Group Indore Elite’s fair.
Spanning for 12 hours from 9 am to 9 pm in the evening, the fair saw a footfall of over 5000 people.
The exhibition took place at Brilliant Convention Centre, Scheme 78, Indore.


The amazing opportunity to meet distributors and retailers from all over Indore proved really fruitful for us.
Participation of over 50 brands at the convention centre proved for a great meeting point for all queries and new designs that are being launched in the market.
Allocacoc’s Representative who was present at the event said,”The main objective of the participation was to create awareness of Allocacoc’s new products that are going to be launched into the Indore market very soon. The results were extremely satisfactory and it was really impressive to see the customers so curious and inclined towards our designs and products.”


One of our customer, Mr Sinha said, ” I have been coming to these type of conventions for some months now, and I must say Allocacoc’s product, specially the PowerCube is truly a unique design and I’m sure it will prove to be extremely convenient for all my appliances.”

Mr.Parihar another customer visiting the exhibition with his family was really impressed by the AudioCube and said, “It is so difficult to spend quality time with the family, so we were looking for something which would help us connect more. AudioCube by Allocacoc seems the best suitable for our needs.”

Exhibitions are infact open to a large sect of people with diverse range of audiences. This provides us with a platform to promote our product to a broader target group that may have little knowledge of our products.




Depending on our type of business, product and market testing is extremely essential and can be carried out at trade shows and exhibitions to potentially gain industry or target audience.

Taking part in this type of exhibition provides us with opportunities to branch out to business-to-business trading and creating a customer database from the visitors to our display booth.



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