A Lonely Day

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why

In between lies the greater part of life, the good days and the bad days. Some days gets so bad, it is almost difficult to carry on, life appears to be at a standstill. However, one needs to get on with life anyway.

Yesterday, was one such bad day for me. I was terribly missing my fiance who was out of station for a week and to accompany my anguish, it was raining heavily outside! I was not in a mood to go out for anything, all I wanted in that moment was to sit back at home with him and enjoy a nice film with snacks and coffee. As the day went on, I decided to have a lazy day all by myself.


I simply decided to Netflix and chill! The same laptop that he had given me, I took it out and hooked myself to the screen. I wanted to watch something that’ll take my mind off all sad and depressing stuffs going on in life, so I ended up watching a Thriller. The first scene itself set the stage, with a gruesome murder and intriguing Killer. I was absolutely into the film, suddenly when my screen went dark and I realized my laptop was almost out of charge.
Swift as a lightning, I immediately took out the PowerCube extended which was on a table next to me and put the laptop charger in it and continued watching uninterrupted!
The movie actually ended up changing my entire mood and day and I felt much better after finishing the film. Thanks to the PowerCube Extended I did not even have to get up from my comfortable position and I could still put my laptop on charge and continue watching my film!

Allocacoc products makes life easy. PowerCube is a unique device that makes life easy and sustainable. We can be at any part of the house or office and there is no entanglement of wires. The unique selling point of this product is the 4 sockets and 2 USB-C Cable which can power and charge multiple device at the same time.

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