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A Day With Family

Humans lead such a busy and hard working life that at the end of the day, they want peace. Everyone is racing against time and people. The basic requirement of every family now is to earn well enough to support a proper standard of living.

The entire week is spent in rush with deadlines and projects, so I make it a point to spend one entire day without stress and just with family. Every Sunday I make sure that the entire family spends time together, watch movies, snack outside and sometimes even go shopping. Living in a joint family is a blessing at times, mainly because when times are hard and spirits are low, there is no lack of positivism to be found around, if you look for it.


The weekends are family oriented and we make breakfast together, watch the latest movies and even listen to music together.
In this regard, there is one other family that ensures that our family lives and enjoys time together.

 It’s the PowerCube family. If you have not heard about it, then please google it, I am sure you will love it.



Allocacoc’s PowerCube is a one stop solution for everything. Like most families even mine used to get into silly fights regarding plug points. PowerCube was suggested to me by one of my friend. The features include 5 sockets without any bulky plugs blocking the ports.

PowerCube doesn’t come alone, it comes with other family members, like PowerCube USB and Extended. I really liked it, so I purchased it. Now on a Sunday we can all sit together and spend time and not get into any silly fights. PowerCube has brought peace to our home.

Thanks to Alocacoc for giving us a hassle-free and non-messy life.

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